Gustaf Engström

Gustaf Engström

Product Designer in New York, he/him


Product designer with 20+ years working in design. First as a graphic designer in Stockholm, Sweden, until I moved to the US in 2011 to work at Apple (now a U.S. citizen).

At Apple I worked on their first interactive books creator called iBooks Author, for iPhone, iPad and the Mac. Later in my years there I was the lead designer in the redesign of Notes for iOS7. This was also the first app to support the Apple Pencil, with a lot of innovation around handwriting being designed for the iPad experience.

I left after almost 5 years to work at Pinterest. Redesigning their first social feature “Tried It” as well as their creator profiles and new ways of creating and posting Pins.

I left after two years for a chance of working at Messenger to design and pitch a new tab around your closest friends. The product got put on hold after 6 months in order for us to tackle the unification of messaging apps within Meta. Around the same time as this happened I got a peek into what Cash App was building and decided to join the small product design team to transform the P2P app into a simple delightful banking offering. Through my 5 years here I’ve designed our card customization product, our Cash Card tab, our Savings product and much more…

Work Experience

2018 — 2019
2016 — 2018
2011 — 2016

Working on iBooks Author, iBooks and finally leading the re-design of Notes for iOS 7 ->

2005 — 2009
Graphic Designer at Lars Hall AB




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